Acoustic Sessions

by Yuna Project

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released March 3, 2017

Recorded @ Onde Source
Mixed @ DevenProd
Mastering @ Scorpson



all rights reserved


Yuna Project Antibes, France

YUNA PROJECT has been around under different line ups since 2009. For now, they opted for a three piece formation to show you what they’re capable of and what music is worth in south of France.
They shared the stage with Wax Tailor, Ayo, Imagination, Maceo Parker, French artists Tryo, Louise Attaque, Soprano (…) and played festivals in front of more than 10,000 people.
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Track Name: Music
Long day, huh?
Let me tell you how it works:
Nothing worse than being lost in day to day life.
I've done it way too long and even if I'm wrong
I think it's time for me to let go (huh)
Don't need pills to get high,
Gimme da beat, gimme da riff,
And I'll be alright.
Enough of the « left right left right left right left »
Time to follow my own foot steps.

So whenever I wake up in the morning
'nd feel as good as shit
I know there's nothing that a really good track can't fix
Now I wanna give back, so sit back
And listen to this A-track
And maybe I wasn't born with a mic I the hand
Nor with my words in suspend
I know I'll do it and nail it in the end
Cause I might not bark but I sure can bite noow
You're gonna hear a lot from me

So yeah I'm just a rookie
And yeah I'm just a newbie
Used to have my nose in books
Now I spit my flow on hooks
I might sta-ta-ta-ta-mer-mer every now and then
But when I get onto the stage I wanna go insane

I'm high on music, high on music
Time to release the beast, I'm high on music
I'm high on music, high on music
So come on drop the beat
I'm high on music

Music is a drug , I need a mug to drink it
Hugs and kisses are not for me.
At the first meeting only you me and the ghetto blaster hurry up Bastard !
Smash your face with words
Huge is my action, melody is here only to release the tension.
High on music, covered by the sound
clap it clap it now we just have to make it grow.
It's to much hassle, to give goods vibes everybody is in a castle
without scream or phenomenal cry
so listen to this sound move yours asses
Don't be shy about making choices
I'm High on music, are you high on music ?

The little voice in my head
Her name is Lucy
Whispering things to me
Things she won't be here to see
She's lovable, merciful, never gets into trouble,
reasonable, and most of all responsible.
But Lucy's not always around
Nor able to keep my feet at all time on the ground
So enough of the talk talk
Now I need to walk walk
Walk up all the way, just to see a different way.
But my thoughts are messy like my hair is,
Can't get them straight, they always frizz
And my mind runs so fast I can never catch it
and it won't slow down dunno what it's chasing
So I find myself hoping that the pen could follow it,
that I won't run out of ink before I get the chance to spill it on the page
and share my states with all the music junkies out there
Track Name: Heroes
I’m not a hero
Check this out yo
I’m following the arrow without ego
Play with your legos (boom) back to zero (hu !)
Some make fun of my flow ?
(boua !) Break your legs in the metro (ouuuuu)
It could be great to get a fight on a track
Face to face, mic against mic,
Attractive smile versus bacterial plaque (applause)
Ready to fight ? Forget…
Shitty thing to do right ?
All you got to do is put you back out of here
I’m gonna pump my body if you’ll came back with your team.

Cause we’re not toghether
And all our wrong behaviors
We’re not heroes

Now believe in your dreams today to see them come alive tomorrow
My grandma used to say to me Never let them see you sorrow
Now turn that frown upside down hey
Hold on and nobody will drown
Under the weight of our burden
We're too self conscious that's for certain
Just lost in my own mind can't let it go can't leave behind this state of mind
It's getting me down and i'm lettin it
Taking the blunt and i'm lighting it
No hero gonna save the day, better wear my own cape in that case
Get away get some breathing space, just gonna wear my pokerface

Cause we’re not toghether
And all our wrong behaviors
We’re not heroes
Cause we’re all toghether
And all our behaviors
We’re heroes
Track Name: Western
I am my own evil twin i know that
but I really didn't mean you no harm
in this very situation divorce is not an option
with or without the passion i need to take some action like
Muhammad Ali, "ssting like a bee" i see you, u don't see me
I lost the manual to my brain long ago now
and i never know what's gonna make me go Wow
Cause everytime i wonder wether we coud have made it work together
(They say) birds of a feather they flock together since
we flew apart we were of a different nature
but no regrets, and let's, praise the time we had and find us someone else though
it's gonna take some time to melt away the bitterness

Our roads cross and part,
Our smiles fade
The memories stay and lose their brightness
live in the disorder is not in order
But each moment is precious Take it or leave it

Crash crash But I took pain to do my job
Burn burn I do the link between us but the crab
With his pincer cut the string
Cause he was out of tune with us
He only can move to left or right
We can do many steps all around
This is why he fight
He wanna cover his tracks that’s all
Come rain or shine We’re fighting for our rights
Come rain or shine, could be black or white
Don’t be hurt if sometimes our road cross and part...
If our smiles fades Friendship and links at a moment starts
Keep it to the end
Track Name: #GoodMood
Time's up I've been waiting for, all day
I could make up my mind and run away
I think I'll take of for now

Ooooh, I think I'll take of for now
I'm just feeling good
My pain could go far away
Oh, if I could

Time's up, I'm free from here
My mind is flying
I'm not thinking who I should be
I'm far away
My heart is full of feelings
That I cannot share
Cause there's no one for it
My heart is full

Time's up, I'm feeling great
Did you put something in the air?
My senses are wide open
Oh please, I don't wanna leave
I'm in a good mood